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The pricing structure below is not set in stone, but provides an idea of what type of fees you can expect when hiring my firm.  Every case is different and your case may require more or less work depending on any number of factors too diverse to list here. Incidentals are included in flat fee pricing (postage, travel, etc).  Client pays out-of-pocket expenses such as filing fees or expert witness costs.

 Seized Property Representation

Typically No Up-Front Fees Necessary

66% - 100% of retrieved property returned to client.



Violation Hearings / Post-Conviction Remedies

Warrants, Probation Violations, Gun Rights Restoration, Conviction Vacation, Juvenile Records Sealing, etc. One court appearance each, multiple matters discounted.



Criminal Case Representation in Clallam, Island, King, Snohomish, Skagit, & Whatcom Counties*

Pre-Trial / State Filings

All phases of a criminal case except suppression motions and trial.  There are typically no less than three court appearances, and often more.  At arraignment you will hear the allegations, plead not-guilty, obtain the police reports, and schedule the pre-trial hearing.  Includes court appearances, evidence review, legal issue spotting (illegal search, reasonable doubt, etc.), strategic advice, opinion on outcome, negotiations with prosecutor, plea, pre-sentence report and sentencing, as necessary and appropriate.


*All other WA Counties require an additional $450



Suppression Motion

Evidence suppression motion, per legal issue, multiple issues discounted.



Trial Preparation

Jury paneling, witness examination, motions-in-limine, opening/closing arguments -- If you want to take your case to trial, it is imperative your attorney is prepared for battle.




Flat fee per day in trial.



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